We worked with SEHSUCHT on their ad for Nutella.
A tribute to diversity: Nutella, our favorite morning drug, brings millions of uniquely designed jars to Europe’s breakfast tables. Created with the help of a smart algorithm, each and every artwork is truly unique - just like you.
In this colorful collage of charming people, vivid artwork and playful animations, we celebrate not only our addiction for graphic design and chocolate cream, but also our deep conviction that diversity makes the world a better place.
VoxelWolves was responsible for the motion design of 4 shots and the Pack-shot.

Client: Ferrero Deutschland
Agency: Zum Goldenen Hirschen
Creative Direction: Holger Pfeifer
Copy: Simon Raab
Head of Production: Dietmar Zielke
Account Direction: Louisa Nix
Production Studio: Sehsucht, Hamburg
Director: Ole Peters
Exec. Producer: Jan Tiller
Producer: Frauke Fudickar
Edit: Jörn Falldorf
Design Lead: Andre Ljosaj
Design: Sebastian Onufszak, Axel Brötje, Caroline Goehner
Motion Design: Arjen van der Wal (VoxelWolves), Franz Ferdinand Kubin, Conrad Ostwald, Matthias Lein
Compositing: Christian Reimann, Andreas Wilcken
Color Grading: Rainer Bültert
Music: Not A Machine, Berlin
Sound Mix: Loft Studio
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