- they do exist!!

That was our thought the first time we heard about making a bunch of cool looking spots for LEGO - working professionally on something so deeply embeded in our childhood is something that does not happen often, a true unicorn if you will.

We and MrKaplin had such a good time creating something fun and unique, that touches the inner child and begs for more - so we gave you more! Buckle up for a series of 5 Bumpers, 2 Prerolls and a TVC, featuring a bunch of animals that have a couple of extra tricks up their sleeves.

Making Of

Client: LEGO

Direction & Design: Mr Kaplin
Agency: HighlyUnlikely
Production Company: Jelly London

Creative Directors: Heidi Bennett, Simon Rønsholt
Producers: Alex Davis, Laura Thomas, Janet Smith, Rosie Evatt

Music Production & Sound Design: Box of Toys Audio

Production Studio: VoxelWolves

3D: Rafael Vicente, Diogo Assis, Sebastião Lopes, Diana David,
Manel Bello, Joana Correia, Teresa Cruz, Sofia Bernardo, Carolina Conceição
2D: Arjen van der Wal

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