You weave the fabric that connects us all

Is the slogan of this short film we've been working on, celebrating online communities all around the world.

We've partnered with @glassonionfilms to fabricate this charming piece for Meta's Facebook.
Featuring community members, this mixed media film captures positive stories while building layer upon layer of a fictitious yet believable FCS ‘universe’.
Making Of




Client: Meta - Facebook

Direction, Design & Production: VoxelWolves
3D: Rafael Vicente, Diogo Assis, Ilya Lindberg, Carolina Conceição, Adriana Lages
Storyboard & Compositing: Arjen van der Wal
Concept Art: Anja von Harsdorf
Making Of: Adriana Lages

Produced by: Glass Onion
Producers: Joe Binks
Music Production & Sound Design: Echoic
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