VoxelWolves Reel 2020.

The wolves can't stop running!
We are delighted to present you our new show-reel for 2020.

VoxelWolves brings together 2D and 3D expertise that compete globally.

We work with top brands, agencies and studios.

We create content for commercials and film for all sorts of media.
We ensure your vision is communicated via beautiful images.

Credits for the individual projects can be found on our website - voxelwolves.com
Original Sound and Audio Design by Box of Toys Audio - boxoftoysaudio.com



VoxelWolves Reel Intro 2020

Head of 3D: Rafael Vicente
3D: Diogo Assis, Joana Correia, Teresa Cruz, David Mourato
Head of 2D: Arjen van der Wal
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