League Opener 2020.

Twenty-twenty was a remarkably difficult year. Thanks to all you devoted supporters of the german league we will manage to get through it all.

We worked with Sehsucht to create an uplifting, energetic piece to kick-off the Bundesliga 2020. VoxelWolves was responsible for all the motion-design in this spot and had a major hand in the visual appearance of the graphic end-result.

Stay safe and stay positive!
Bundesliga Opener 2020

Graphic & Motion Design: Arjen van der Wal

Creative Direction: Hans-Christoph Schultheiß
Director: Dominik Wischermann
Design: Caroline Goehner, Axel Brötje, Matheo Fohergi, Florian Dehmel

DFL Digital Sports
Director Visual Design: Thomas Markert
Head of Creative Services: Juan Pablo Kessler

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