A four-video series of motion infographics for Opel. Two videos are dedicated to explain the advantages of the “WLTP” over the “NEDC“. A third video sums up a list of tips to save fuel and the last video goes indepth about the application of Adblue.
I worked within a small team during this project and was responsible for the 2D Motion and Graphic Design. Next to that I was working on the compositing of the shots.
Agency: Scholz & Friends Hamburg
Creatives: Christian Aussem, Oliver Grandt
Beratung: Leonie Geyer
Producer: Sonia Pflesser

Producer: Tanya Curnow
CD & 3D Lead: Hannes Geiger
3D: Lasse Clausen, Vinzent Schwenk, Max Zachner, Franz Ferdinand Kubin
3D CAD Daten aufbereitung: Jörn Engelke
Motion Graphics: Arjen van der Wal
Comp (AE): Arjen van der Wal, Hannes Geiger, Lasse Clausen
(keying Christian Müller): Florian Zachau & Melissa Panek
Dreh: Dominic Repenning
Colorist: n/a

Ton: Hastings
Sprecher: Elly (EN) Margit (DE)
Music: Audio Jungle
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